How can the right techniques help you write better?


So you have something to say, and you want the world to know. Are you ready to write and share with the world? No! If you’re anything like me and wake up at 3 am with this blockbuster story that you’re sure will go viral, stop right there. I can’t even tell you how many times this has happened to me, and by the time I woke up fully, I forgot it all. My mind formatted the story, added the picture, and sleep took it all away. I have since learned that keeping pen and paper in bed with me might save me from losing the next viral post, or even wishful thinking, a bestseller. If you’re not a pen and paper person, then a recording device. Off-topic here, has anyone else had trouble physically writing since living in front of the computer screen? My handwriting is atrocious since typing all day.

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Welcome to my dirty little world of erotic writing

Welcome to my world. First off, let me tell you a little about the puppet master behind the screen. I have been writing fiction and erotic for many years. I am not the best, but I certainly am not the worst. During my years of writing I have worked for a publishing company as a ghostwriter, wrote erotic for phone sex companies, and published my own book. I made this little place in the world so I can share some of what I have learned, and offer some tips along the way. I hope that if you get anything from your time with me, it’s that passionate feeling each time you add words to a page.

The Puppet Master